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RG hydraulic lines.

     I made the first attempt to retract the landing gear today and things
could be better.  As soon as the nose gear started up and the main gear over-
center unlocked I turned off the pump to check for leaks.  Two of the flex
lines were leaking at the coupling.  The pressure gauge had not yet moved, 0
to 2000 psi.  I called a hydraulic shop in Phoenix and talked to the tech
about it and he said that rubber lines only have a usefull life of about five
years.  I know that the lines twisted some when I installed the fittings, but
they are already 5 1/2 years old (I'm slow).
     The shop will make up a set of steel braided teflon lines for about $175
including tax and that's less than doing it yourself as their machine crimps
on less costly fittings.  New rubber lines to use my original fittings cost
$40.  Comments please and/or a source for lower cost teflon lines.
     Also, if your lines are a few years old you might consider having them
pressure tested.  I didn't enjoy pulling out the nose gear assembly again and
cleaning up the mess.


Mel Bina     STD  RG