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Re: Engine Cables

>How far past the firewall should the
>1) throttle cable extend?

That depends on how you are going to mount the carb. Mine is turned so that
the throttle lever is on the starboard (copilot) side and the mixture in
the back. That way, the throttle cable goes around the carb in the back and
finally points forward. The advantage: The length of the cable is not

>2) Carb heat cable extend?

Doesn't go through the firewall at all. Goes through the bottom of the hull
just in front of the firewall and the into the scoop. You need to measure

>3) Prop control cable extend?

Same thingas 1): depends on how you route the cable and where the lever is
located. Use any kind of cable to measure.

Simon Aegerter, Winterthur, Switzerland