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XL-RG Fast Build Nose Gear Door

XL Fast Build Fuselage Nose Gear Door Addendum Instructions State: "The 3 BID
door lip has not been made. This layup needs to only extend onto the fuselage
about 1" instead of the  2-1/2" mentioned in the plans." I am unable to find
this in the plans and the door lip seems to be in already. On the outside of
the fuselage the foam is tapered back almost 5/8" and then glassed over. Does
anyone know if this is the "3 BID door lip already in place?  Also Fig. 6-5
shows nose gear doors foam cut back 2" at the forward end of doors, the pre
molded fast build doors I have has foam going from end to end. Is this O.K.?
Finally, the threaded rod for nose gear doors has nuts holding hinge arms; are
they supplied with the kit or common hardware store type? Thank you in
advance. Chris Brock