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Re: Noise Silencer

>Greg & Simon - I have a possible solution to the radiant heat problem.
>Have you  considered a racing "silencer" instead of a full blown muffler?


Thank you for that information! I'm filing it for future reference. Before
I'm going to spend time, money and power, I'll wait and see what my Swiss
friends run up against. One of them just spent 7000$ to soundproof his
LongEZ only to flunk the noise test by 1.5 db or thereabout. Back to the
drawingboard. :-(

Another reports a successful preinspection (yes, PREinspection) of his
Velocity: only 65 (sixtyfive) "minor" points on the complaints list - and
that after they had their building process inspected at very frequent
intervals. Really: the government is building these airplains.
The"builders" are just the government's handymen. Don't let that happen to

I'm simply in awe for the people who put up with that kind of harassment.


Simon Aegerter, Winterthur, Switzerland