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N55AJ first flight

Brought my marshmallows and did'nt need them!  The hanger queen finally
flew!  First flight went well and was 45 minutes. It would have been
longer, but it was late.  Plane flys perfect.  No heavy wings and ball in
center. I never sent the incidence jigs back to the factory and I built
them myself.  I did check the measurements and incidences many times and
was damn close on all if not right on.  Cylinder temps were 150 C on all 4.
 Used plenum cooling system.  Oil temps ran around 102 C.  Oil PSI was a
firm 63.  Only real problem was fuel did not level out evenly.  All info
was from my test pilot Peter Magnuson - EZ builder, ex F-16 pilot and ex
airforce instructor.  He has done other first flights and if you are
interested,  he might be hired for a fee.  I'll tell you more as the flight
testing moves forward.

The payoff is in the takeoff,
Andy Judge
Velocity FGE  DMO # 413