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Noise Silencer

Greg wrote:

>>Can you keep the temperatures on top the engine where the muffler is
>>mounted down so they don't melt the top cowling?

Greg & Simon - I have a possible solution to the radiant heat problem.
Have you  considered a racing "silencer" instead of a full blown muffler?
I ran across two of them in Performance Racing catalog.  Simon - if you
want me to call and ask for lit, let me know.  Might cost me 20 cents.

THE SHOTGUN E.X.F.M.  It started in the marine industry, then became a best
seller for oval track, road racing, drag racing, etc. because it is
guaranteed to suffer no horsepower loss on top end or in the mid range.
Here are details:

* Phone number is: (509) 535-3393

* 4 to 9 decibel in noise reduction - Is that enough?  (Assume you might get 6)
* 100% polished stainless steel
* Photo looks like it's made to fit right over the header collector - so
it's quite small in diameter and maybe 6" to 8" in length.  You'll have to
call and check on size.
* Guaranteed no horsepower loss on top end
* Totally eliminate camshaft reversion for increases in midrange torque and
* Two models to choose from
* The number one selling high perf. marine exhaust silencer for 15 yrs. running

Borla Performance Industries
Phone: (805) 986-8600
Internet: www.borla.com
* XR-1 Sportsman comes in a 12" length.  In/out tube sizes can range from 2
1/2" to 4"
* Looks like the diameter is slightly larger than the size of the collector
* 100% T-304 stainless steel
* Should muffle much more sound than the Shotgun, but will likely rob some

Good luck in solving the noise problem,

Dennis Martin