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Re: smoke PREVENTION, elev cuffs


I put cuffs on the elevators of my 173 as per the manual.  Should I remove
them?  How will it change the flying characteristics?  Should I remove
them? (I have your canard and wings.)

Denis Miller 173FGE

> From: Alan Shaw <wingco@iu.net>
> To: Andrew L. Judge <AJudge1@compuserve.com>
> Cc: reflector3 <reflector@awpi.com>
> Subject: smoke PREVENTION, elev cuffs
> Date: Wednesday, August 05, 1998 6:27 PM
> Andrew L. Judge wrote:
> > Alan wrote "The only "cabin" fires I've known of in Velocities were
> > electrical fires."
> >
> > I think there was a fatal crash due to cabin smoke in a Velocity a few
> > years back.  I want to say that his name was Van Horn.  Anyway, it is
> > Velocity Views.  Supposedly, the cabin filled with smoke from an oil
> > and the guy took it into power lines.
> Yes Andy, apparently that was an "engine" fire that got sucked into the
> via the wiring ducts.  When that happen to me I held my breath and pushed
> nose down hard.  In just seconds I could breath and see the panel again.
> About two years after this happen to me I smelled something strange
> while flying over North Carolina.  When I ask a controller for the
> runway informing him of my problem he ask me if I was from that area.  I
> no and he said that was probably a papermill I smelled.  He was right. :)
> Elevator cuffs:
> They limit the power of the elevators and angle of attack the aircraft is
> capable of reaching.   The STD needs 42" cuffs inboard.     The 173 no
> cuffs.   And I'm the wrong one to ask about the XL.
> Brian    Yes, I get excited and talk a lot at airshows.  Let's go diving
> together.  I only talk half as much under water.
> Oskosh was fun.  People still really like Velocities.  My 18 year old
> daughter Lauren, who flew with me in mine to Oskosh when she was nine, is
> getting very good at selling them.  It helps if you know and believe in
> product.  I feel a lot better knowing that my kids will be flying stall
> resistant composites instead of tricky spam cans.
> Alan