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RE: Bottom winglets


I remember reading a letter some time ago in one of the aviation magazines that was in response to an previous article that stated that lower winglets didn't seem to make much difference.  He went on to say that he had removed the lower winglets from his Long E-Z in an attempt to increase cruise speed.  Not only was his cruise not improved, he experienced an uncommanded roll to inverted while performing a low speed steep turn. Luckily he had enough altitude to survive and tell his tale.  He also said that he didn't fly the plane again until the lower winglets were back on.  While it's true this guy could have made the whole thing up, it was a factor in helping me to decide to keep my lower winglets.  That and the fact that I don't think I'm smart enough to second guess Burt Rutan.


From: 	Al Gietzen
Sent: 	Saturday, August 08, 1998 9:34 AM
To: 	reflector
Subject: 	Bottom winglets

Congratulations, Don and Jean.  There very best to you on your test flights.

Don writes  >adding lower winglets(strongly
recommended.) <

There seems to be strong opinions that these are important; and that they
are not.  I'd be very interested in reasons for having them (or not), other
than there is likely to be less damage to your wing if you drag a wingtip.

Al Gietzen       RGE