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Re: Abrasives

>  In reference to brian's mention about Permagrit Abrasives:   I ran into these
> folks at Sun-N-Fun and purchased a few cut off wheels, abrasive bits, and
> their long sanding block (33" i think),  has course on one side,  and med. on
> the other.  Their products work very well, and they are fine people to do
> buisness with... 
>     Make sure you tell them Brian,  I have not been in touch in a while .  

I told them.  I CC'd your email to them also.

Yes, they are very nice people.  Basically it's just the two of them.
They live in the UK, but do all the airshows and such.  It seems
like they are having lots of fun.  I don't recall their
first names right now, but the husband got into the business
because he wanted specific tools for his modelling hobby.  He's
really into jet models.  He actually flew a model for a James
Bond film, and said that one would go faster than 300 miles per
hour.  I imagine at that speed controlling the model becomes
a real chore.

His wife is very nice also, and she has the cutest accent.  She
came and talked to us for a while too.

Sorry if this is too off topic for the reflector though.

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