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Re: restricted hours

Andy,  I have not been thru this, so I have no 1st hand experience to
share.  However, at SunNFun I attended the FAA "amateur-built" forum, and
the FAA guy (sorry, I don't remember his name) basically advised the

"You, the builder, submit a plan to the FAA/DAR telling them the area and
restrictions which are to apply to your flyoff.  You can/should provide a
map outlining the boundaries of the area you will fly in.  Be generous to
yourself; the FAA/DAR will respond by accepting and/or modifying your plan.
 But primarily, they are looking for you to take the initiative in
submitting a plan."

Having said this, I am curious as to the understanding and experience of
builders who have been thru this process.

At 08:37 AM 8/7/98 -0400, Andrew L. Judge wrote:
>I am just curious about potential restricted hours.  I get the feeling my
>DAR might stick me with 40 hours and 25 NM radius.  It wouldn't be that bad
>if I weren't on the water, which essentially cuts my zone in half.  Anyone
>have any advice for the big day?