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smoke PREVENTION, elev cuffs

Andrew L. Judge wrote:

> Alan wrote "The only "cabin" fires I've known of in Velocities were minor
> electrical fires."
> I think there was a fatal crash due to cabin smoke in a Velocity a few
> years back.  I want to say that his name was Van Horn.  Anyway, it is in
> Velocity Views.  Supposedly, the cabin filled with smoke from an oil line
> and the guy took it into power lines.

Yes Andy, apparently that was an "engine" fire that got sucked into the cabin
via the wiring ducts.  When that happen to me I held my breath and pushed the
nose down hard.  In just seconds I could breath and see the panel again.

About two years after this happen to me I smelled something strange burning
while flying over North Carolina.  When I ask a controller for the closest
runway informing him of my problem he ask me if I was from that area.  I said
no and he said that was probably a papermill I smelled.  He was right. :)

Elevator cuffs:
They limit the power of the elevators and angle of attack the aircraft is
capable of reaching.   The STD needs 42" cuffs inboard.     The 173 no
cuffs.   And I'm the wrong one to ask about the XL.

Brian    Yes, I get excited and talk a lot at airshows.  Let's go diving
together.  I only talk half as much under water.

Oskosh was fun.  People still really like Velocities.  My 18 year old
daughter Lauren, who flew with me in mine to Oskosh when she was nine, is
getting very good at selling them.  It helps if you know and believe in your
product.  I feel a lot better knowing that my kids will be flying stall
resistant composites instead of tricky spam cans.