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Re: Velocity vs SQ2000


> Look through the annual issue of KITPLANES magazine ...(sometimes ...the
> prototype is the only one flying).  Studying that list in 1995 had a BIG
> influence on my selecting the Velocity.

Mine too. I just can't over stress the importance of buying your airplane kit
from an established, reputable company. I learned long ago that being "the first
kid on your block" can be very expensive. Much better to sit back and watch for
a while. And over the years I've been watching Velocity, the kits have steadily
become better and better.

> I'm still happy with my choice; I made a great decision!

Same here.

> [PS: the Glassic folks (SQ2000) weren't at OSH; imagine that].

Because they're belly-up, as I understand it.

But the SQ2000 SEEMS like a nice airplane, so I suspect it will resurface
whenever another investor buys the company. My impression is Glassic did not
have a clue as to the business end of aircraft building. Not only were they
horribly under financed to begin with, they priced their kits with little or no
profit margin. Just my opinion.

Don't get me wrong. I believe there is a definite place for small FAST
airplanes. The SQ2000 is faster than the Velocity on the same engine primarily
because it is smaller. The Berkut is faster (and smaller) yet. But I believe
Velocity has discovered the market really wants a Larger, more comfortable
airplane. This is not surprising, since most airplane builders are middle age or

Dave Black
SW RG TopDoor