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Re: oil coolers

At 08:55 AM 7/29/98 -0400, you wrote:
>Just a quick question about those second coolers.  When I installed my
>second cooler on the firewall, I took the chance and didn't put in a
>second air scoop for it.  Just let it sit there.  It solved my cooling
>problems on all but the hottest days and longest climbouts.  Anyone else
>not supply a specific air flow for that second cooler?
>Bob Ginsberg
>Big Ape Gyms - Velocity 173
Bob at Osh. Milton Mersky showed me the second cooler mounted on the right
side rear baffling wall. The exhaust from the cooler flows right over the
top of cyl.4. Not only did they get cooler oil but it helped cool down a
high #4 CHT. They said that they did not use any special air feed to the
cooler. Just the higher pressure cowling air. 

Milton can u comment when back fom OSH?

Dave Brown