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Re: Velocity vs SQ2000


> What I need to refresh my memory (armoury) is a few comments from those
> that seriously considered the SQ2000 (or may have had a good look at it) as
> to why they didn't go that way and went Velocity.

Mike Williams, one of my friends here in Woodbridge got swallowed up by their
hype 3 years ago and went with SQ instead of Velocity. After all, it's
cheaper, flies faster, looks better, faster to build, stronger, yatta, yatta,
yatta. He never got his kit, and he lost his $5000.

When I heard of his choice, I explained that getting in on the ground floor
with any new design is VERY RISKY. The risk goes up exponentially if the plane
has not flown. The fuselage was not even built when he plunked down his money.

I reminded Mike how the Express seems to be a fine design, but has been into
and out of bankruptcy several times. The first time was when the prototype
(the only flying Express) crashed. I forget whether the company owners were
killed, but someone was. At that moment 100% of all Expresses had fatal
accidents. Airplane buyers don't forget that type of statistic, and it forever
tarnishes the design. I suspect this may be why the aircraft failed again in
the marketplace at the hands of others.

Consider the Venture. An excellent 2-place airplane. When the company owner
and the engine manufacturer were killed in a Venture crash which destroyed the
Factory's plane, it was more than the company could stand. Even though there
were several Ventures flying, the company disappeared.

Consider Berkut's problems since the fatal crash of the prototype. It's an
excellent design, but the company is struggling, and their survival is not

I mention this because it is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT to buy from a company which
has the financial resources to withstand such a shock. I would not buy a plane
unless there were a couple dozen already flying. This is simply one time it
does not pay to be "The first kid on your block..."

So even if (and I stress the "IF") The SQ2000 turns out to be a great plane,
right now the company could be in deep trouble in the event of such a tragedy.

How low does an airplane's price need to be to make a builder want to take on
the risk of the company disappearing before his kit is built? Or never
shipping all the paid-for parts? Velocity may have some problems, but the
company is very strong and WILL be there to support the new builder.

The Velocity may not be the latest and greatest, but it is a good, solid,
proven airplane which really flies! And it has a great crew supporting it.

Oh, and the SQ2000 is TINY. That's why it's fast. They have not repealed the
laws of physics.

Dave Black
SW RG TopDoor (Classic)