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Velocity vs SQ2000

Dear Fellow Velocity Builders,

About a year ago when a client (who is now building an XL down here) was
considering Velocity, the SQ2000 was mentioned as a competing choice.

During recent sales presentations to prospects for Velocity the SQ2000 has
become been more regularly mentioned. Glassic Composites aggressive
marketing with kit comparisons aimed at showing advantages on price,
performance, and build time does attract attention and needs to be properly
balanced with fact.

What I need to refresh my memory (armoury) is a few comments from those
that seriously considered the SQ2000 (or may have had a good look at it) as
to why they didn't go that way and went Velocity. I know  a few reasons but
want to make sure I have everything covered.

Any points that you can supply would be greatly appreciated as I am not
aware of any SQ2000's in Australia to date and have yet to sight one first
hand. Will see for myself at the next Fun'N'Sun but that is a while off


Greg Poole (Rearing an infant Shortwing RG Elite down under)