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Re: Getting out after a crash, rudder conduit

If you go to Oshkosh, you can talk with Wes Rose.  His 173FGE will be in
front of the Velocity Tent.  While it is to late for me, he has done the
"tube in the tube in the wing thing.  He was over 120 hours on his plane.
If someone asks him, he could shed light about any slop on this rudders.  He
did mention that he wished he left his lower winglets on.  He does have the
internal horn assembly.

Bob  Kuc
173 FGE

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From: William Wade <billwade@Concentric.net>
To: Joe Stack <joestack@technologist.com>; reflector@awpi.com
Date: Sunday, July 26, 1998 6:53 PM
Subject: Re: Getting out after a crash, rudder conduit

>  On the rudder cable conduit- Alan found it worthwhile to tighten the
>system up by eliminating areas where the tubing could flex inside the
>cockpit. Putting the nylaflow inside another tube will create new areas of
>slop unless there is a tight fit. If you have a tight fit you probably
>be able to replace the tubing easily... You might consider a harder nylon
>tubing like Nylo-seal.   -Bill