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Re: Canard

David Rene' Dugas wrote:

> Dear Alan Shaw and Reflector,
> 1.      I hve started on my canard and find some challenges.  The Chord
> length of the canard is only 11 3/4th ".

The center of the hinge needs to be 1/16" behind the T.E. of the canard for
enough up travel in the elevator.  Not right under the edge of the TE as in
the plans.

>  The manual descibes 12 3/8 th

> If that's what the Swings have in their new manuel they sure didn't tell me.
> I'll talk to them about that tomorrow in Oskosh.  That requires a different
> foam core and mold.  The XL doesn't need a bigger cord on the canard.  For
> your weight the 11 3/4" is perfect.

> ".  The incidence guage I have does not fit the top shape of the
> canard.

Yes, my canard has more camber for better climb, slow speed performance and
higher deep stall resistance.

> Do I tilt it forward or back or split the difference.

Big people split the difference.  You should drop the canard LE about 1/2 a

> 2.      Also the tabs do not PERFECTLY match my bulkhead the the incidence
> guage is mounted with the front down on the canard.  With the fuselage
> level front to back my digital level says it is 90 degrees.  What is yur
> recommedation to absorb this 1 to 2 degrees  of slack.

Velocities have always been that way.  Doesn't the manual still say to put
release tape on the tabs and back fill that wedge with micro glass?  The
bulkhead is straight up and the canard at 2 to 21/2 degrees with the tabs
bolted flat on the spar hard points

> 3.      How much gap should I have between the underside of the canard and
> the fuselage for flex?

1/10" in the middle of the canard bulk head is plenty to prevent shear loading
on the tabs in the most extreme turbulence. The sides of the fuselage should
fit snug to the bottom of your canard.

> 4.      Is there any reason the panel can not be tilted about 5 degrees
> toward the nose to better fit instruments?

You might get more glare on the instruments.   Just lower everything a little.

Alan Shaw