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Re: Canard

On Sun, 26 Jul 1998 23:07:26 -0500 "David Rene' Dugas" <rdugas@bayou.com>

>4. 	Is there any reason the panel can not be tilted about 5 
>degrees toward the nose to better fit instruments?

Gyroscopic instruments are designed and made for either 0 degree tilt or
8 degree tilt panels. I don't think a few degrees off would drastically
prevent proper operation of a gyroscope though.

Exactly what kind of problems are you encountering? I have been able to
install up to $44,000 dollars worth of stuff into a Velocity Elite panel
without having to tilt it. In fact, tilting the panel would have made the
avionics portion of the installation impossible. 

Also, by tilting the panel, your instrument panel cover (sun deck) will
be equally "tilted" and protruding into your lower viewable area of your
windshield. If the sun deck  is installed horizontal from the bottom of
the windshield as it should be, it would restrict the view of anything
mounted at the top of a panel that has been tilted.

Including the 4 years that I worked for Velocity I have yet to hear any
convincing reason to tilt the instrument panel. That does not mean that
there isn't a good reason lingering out there somewhere, though.
Personally, I think it creates more problems and limitations than it

Structurally can it be done? Absolutely. 


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