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Dear Alan Shaw and Reflector,

1.	I hve started on my canard and find some challenges.  The Chord
length of the canard is only 11 3/4th ".  The manual descibes 12 3/8 th
".  The incidence guage I have does not fit the top shape of the
canard.  Do I tilt it forward or back or split the difference.  Do you
have one for your canard you could print and sent me or E-mail a full
size paper outline to make a new one.  I'm eager to start my canard but
I think the  incidence is to be set on the lower fuselage then the
elevators mounted.  

2.	Also the tabs do not PERFECTLY match my bulkhead the the incidence
guage is mounted with the front down on the canard.  With the fuselage
level front to back my digital level says it is 90 degrees.  What is yur
recommedation to absorb this 1 to 2 degrees  of slack.

3.	How much gap should I have between the underside of the canard and
the fuselage for flex?

4. 	Is there any reason the panel can not be tilted about 5 degrees
toward the nose to better fit instruments?

Thanks Reflector and Alan