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Crash and Smoke PREVENTION


My father George (geoshaw@webtv.net) has been working harder than ever
on the all plane chutes.  He is communicating directly with two
different companies that have drop tested triple chute rigs that will
fit and work in a Velocity.  Not only are they less than half the price
than the ones made here but these chutes have powerful rockets with a
tight bridal throughout deployment.   This power prevents entanglement
and gives them the capability to be deployed from 80 meters instead of
over 1000' like their made in USA counter parts.  We feel this is a key
feature not only for the common engine failure on takeoff but the chute
should be saved as the last option... until the last minute.

On Smoke:  The only "cabin" fires I've known of in Velocities were minor
electrical fires (fixed by breakers or ripping wires out) by comparison
to and engine fire in a tractor aircraft.  This is one of the BIG
advantages of a pusher.  I know from first  hand experience.  Keep your
wire ducts and all holes in the fire wall plugged or an engine fire WILL
bring smoke into the cabin.  The cabin exhast vent system keeps it at a
lower pressure than your engine compartment.  If you have any kind of
fire push the nose down to 180 kts,  the cabin will clear of smoke and
if you had an engine fire it will be gone....until you land....then jump
out fast.

See ya'll at Oskosh

Alan Shaw