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Re: Getting out after a crash, rudder conduit

  Joe- Good point. How about a short keeper chain on the forward edge of the
door? There might be some banging, but it should avoid the speed brake
effect of a fully opened door. There was someone who had a door pop open in
flight and this might also guard against it.
  On the rudder cable conduit- Alan found it worthwhile to tighten the
system up by eliminating areas where the tubing could flex inside the
cockpit. Putting the nylaflow inside another tube will create new areas of
slop unless there is a tight fit. If you have a tight fit you probably won't
be able to replace the tubing easily... You might consider a harder nylon
tubing like Nylo-seal.   -Bill

prototype Super Chipmunk N18EF
Velocity Classic RG N6098S in the works