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Re: Nylo Flow Tubeing

It really isn't true that you don't use the rudder that much in the velocity.  At low speeds, that is about the only thing that will turn you!  Also, on the ground, everytime you put on the brakes, you are moving rudders.  Sooo, I wish I had beefed up the rudder cables, even though I haven't had any problems yet.

Bob Ginsberg 

Ron Needham wrote:

 I Am Currently building my XL 173 wings with the internal rudder hornand was wondering if it seam like a bad idea to any on els  that they use 3/16nylo flow tubing in the wing. It Could not be replaced if needed with out major work to the wing. I know that the rudder is not used as much as a standard configured plane,there by less wear . But even if with that in mind I think I  would still like to be ableto replace it if need be. I was thinking of putting the nylo flow tubing in side a lager Dai Plastic  tubing 3/8  maybe even 5/16  that way I could replace the 3/16 tubing rather easily ,With out distruction to the wing. The only down side I can think of is maybe 1/4 lb in weight and couple of dollars . Any thought on thisThanks Ron NeedhamSee you all at the dinner.