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At Oshkosh, Visit NOAA in the Federal Building

Hi Guys!

At Oshkosh this year, I will be working in NOAA's display in the
Federal building.  It is a great opportunity to learn about weather,
weather research and weather products available to you as pilots.  So
stop by and say hello.

No, I will not be able to fly my new Velocity (N6Q).  But LongEZ N3R
will be on display with its unusual weather research instrumentation.
 To give you some idea, we measure N3R's velocity to +- 2 cm/s,
attitude to +- 0.05 Deg, and flight altitude 2 cm.  That is just a
few of the 40 parameters recorded at 50Hz!  N3R also has a BRS chute
if you are wondering how to install a BRS in a canard.  N3R will be
flying to Oshkosh from a research project in Barrow Alaska . 
Sometime during that flight the Hobbs will roll over 3,000 hrs.  The
Long-EZ is quite an airplane!

Also, we will present three forums:

30 July @ 1pm  "Wind Measurement with a BAT Probe"
 1 Aug  @ 1pm  "Collection and Analysis of Flight Data with your
 2 Aug  @ 3pm  "LongEZ N3R in Environmental Research"

If you cannot make the Forum preseantation but have interest, see 
www.arl.noaa.gov\frd\LongEZ  -- which tells about N3R
www.arl.noaa.gov\frd\BAT -- which tells about the BAT probe

Tim Crawford