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Re: LASAR trick(s)

In a message dated 98-07-25 14:48:02 EDT, you write:

<< The in field fix (according to Unison) is to use a
 breaker switch to delay the module from reading the voltage at that time. 
 It is a common problem.  You must crank the engine over, then flip on the
 LASAR ignition.  >>

Hi Andy,

We would use this very technique to fire up the big Ducati twins at the races.
Bump start with the ignition off, let the engine build some momentum and
switch on the ignition. In every case the engine would fire without any"back-
bite" which would lock the rear wheel, or in the case of a starter, kill the
ring gear or starter case.

Sprint cars get the same treatment. Push around with switch off, build oil
pressure and fuel pump pressure, switch on and go. MUCH easier on everything
and would recommend it if your battery has sufficient capacity.

Dale Alexander
173 RGE