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LASAR trick(s)

Since there was some questions about the LASAR ignition installation, here
it goes.  I have the skytec starter and I'll asuume for now that all light
weight starters have the same traits, although some might not.  I will also
assume that everyone is using a light weight starter due to space and
weight savings.  When you place the starter on an oscilloscope, you will
notice a large "spike" where the starter draws the power down to about 3
volts.  Coincidentally, that is when the LASAR ignition module reads the
voltage to fire that engine off.  Therefore, it doesn't want to start due
to the low voltage.  The in field fix (according to Unison) is to use a
breaker switch to delay the module from reading the voltage at that time. 
It is a common problem.  You must crank the engine over, then flip on the
LASAR ignition.  Also, I would use #2 cable to run to your starter and
back.  This should relieve the strain a little.  Also try to use a 35 amp
hour battery.  In my case, it costed me much grief coupled with that nasty
little starter eating my ring gear to nubs.  If I determine the oil temps
to be troublesome, I will pull one oil line out and replace the battery
cable with #2.  For those of you wondering, the LASAR EI is the certified

Andy Judge