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Nylo Flow Tubeing

I Am Currently building my XL 173 wings with the internal rudder horn
and was wondering if it seam like a bad idea to any on els  that they use 3/16
nylo flow tubing in the wing.
It Could not be replaced if needed with out major work to the wing.
 I know that the rudder is not used as much as a standard configured plane,
there by less wear . But even if with that in mind I think I  would still like to be able
to replace it if need be.
I was thinking of putting the nylo flow tubing in side a lager Dai Plastic  tubing 3/8  maybe even 5/16  that way I could replace the 3/16 tubing rather easily ,With out distruction to the wing.
The only down side I can think of is maybe 1/4 lb in weight and couple of dollars .
Any thought on this
Thanks Ron Needham
See you all at the dinner.