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Re: Halon

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<< Martin:
 besides, it's illegel to manufacture. Montreal Protocol!
 Simon Aegerter, Winterthur, Switzerland

Oh Gawd!!! We wouldn't want to have another sunburned penquin on our souls
would we?

Would someone be kind enough to explain to me how something heavier than air,
such as Freon or Halon can get up to the level of the ozone layer to deplete
it? We might have better luck getting the government to legislate natural
phenomenon like volcanic activity which certainly puts natural fluorocarbons
way up high.

PLEASE, don't get me started on this crap. By the way, Clintons/Gores 2500
"experts" on climate at the Kyoto Accord were recently trumped by 15,000
actual, degreed professional experts. 

Somebody stop this government before we can't fly our pride and joys.

Getting down of my soap box now...

Dale Alexander
173 RGE