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Re: Hugh Hyde

On Fri, 24 Jul 1998 07:29:45 -0400 "William Wade"
<billwade@Concentric.net> writes:

>BTW- is there any way to get messages returned to the sender by the
>Reflector the way it used to be? That way I was sure the message got
I second that!

Bill, for an enclosed enviroment, all of those that I know who fight
fires professionally say don't use Halon. It is great for extinquishing
fires because of its reaction to oxygen.
But it an enclosed enviroment, fresh O2 isn't replenished fast enough
before you might pass out or asphyxiate. CO2 doesn't destroy the O2 like
Halon. My sources say CO2 for the cockpit, Halon for the engine
compartment. And yes, I know first hand as an avionics technician what
CO2 does to electronics and instrumentation, but the alternative seems
unaffordable to me.

FYI, the FAA has replaced all of their Halon fire extinquishers
throughout the US in their buildings for this reason. They have gone back
to CO2.


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