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Re: Fuel Quantity Gauge

In a message dated 98-07-22 18:16:11 EDT, you write:

 Not cheap.
 The VM-1000 system of engine instruments is  US$3814. >>
I have the VM-1000 and been using it for over 3 1/2 years.  Others have said
it is nice, "if you can afford it".  I don't advertise anything, just say how
I feel.  If you would price out all that the VM-1000 provides, it's not that
bad.  A GEM will run about $1400 alone, a fuel totalizer another $1100, $2400
so far.  Filling out the rest of the engine instruments with "stand alones"
will run a few bucks.  Add the annunciator/check list feature, and the
"AutoTrack" feature, and the fact that the whole thing takes up little space
on the pannel, it starts looking better.  Concidering also that you only have
a couple of power lines running back to the DPU on the firewall, and a ribbon
cable running back forward to the readout, the $3800 isn't bad.  Take another
15% ($570) off as Dave said, it sounds quite good.  The fuel totalizer tells
me how much fuel remaining, fuel burn in GPH, endurance, and with the "mickey
mouse" sight gages to confirm remaining, I decided to leave it at that, and
have been pleased with it since.