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Re: Fuel Quantity Gauge

MTSP@aol.com wrote:
>    What ever happened to clocks?

Don't quite understand your question, but here goes.

I have an RMI Engine Monitor which shows fuel flow, fuel quantity, local
time, and GMT.

While I'm thinking about it, on monday at the Everitt plant I saw the
777-300 "experimental" prototype undergoing modifications. It had it's
8.5 kw RAT deployed, reminding me of the Air Canada DC-10 which ran out
of fuel at FL 42 about 10 years ago because the fuel monitoring system
had been loaded with the wrong unit of fuel (lbs, gallons, liters). The
plane made a dead stick landing at an abandon WWII airstrip. The only 
power available for the 40 mile glide was Ram Air Turbine.

Carl hoffman