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Re: Fuel Quantity Gauge


> 1. just checking that your new address work O.K.

Yes it is. And it seems to tolerate large uploads a bit better.

> 2. What is the approx price of the VMS fuel guage system.

Not cheap.
The VM-1000 system of engine instruments is  US$3814.
Or the EPI-800 (2.5" round gauges) system is US$3649.
On top of that you'll need 2-tank system for US$ 646.
Or the 3-tank fuel system for                US$ 852.
PLUS the I/O board for                       US$ 110.

Through Oshkosh there is a 15% discount on all prices. So the lowest you'd get
away with is US$3744, but that includes all the engine gauges as well as two
fuel quantity gauges. For more info, contact Vision MicroSystems (360)398-1833.

> Personally I was going to put 5 Honeywell optical level sensors in each tank

The VMS fuel level sensors make sense only if you're already planning on their
engine monitoring system. Even so, it's a bit pricey. The neat thing about it is
it will give you a digital readout of your exact fuel quantity in whatever units
of measure you choose.

Your Honeywell idea sounds excellent. Light weight and a lot less expensive than
VMS. The LEDs will give you the basic story on your fuel supply, but if you want
more detail you can still turn around and see the sight gauges.

> A pair of Vance Atkinsons Sight guages are also to be fitted.

I have not seen the Vance Atkinson Sight Gauges, but have always believed there
MUST be a better way to build sight gauges than the way Velocity does. The
Velocity system not only looks mickey-mouse, it can not show the bottom inch and
a half or so of fuel in each tank. If I had known where to get a good sight
gauge system, I probably would have used that. How much do Vance's gauges cost?

Dave Black
SW RG TopDoor (Classic)
T minus 4 months and holding.