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Fuel Gauges

I installed the Westach Dual Fuel Level gauge P/N 2DA4-30 from Aircraft
Spruce.  It handles two capacitance type probes, one for each main tank.
 I mounted the probes on the inner wall of each tank above the tank
drain.  The probe is bent to provide linear readings from a full to
empty tank and can be removed and/or replaced.  The display is 2.25" and
is easy to read either tank.  I have a Low Fuel sensor switch in the
sump tank.  In that way, if the mains go down unevenly, I will know
about it and if the fuel from the mains is blocked for some reason, I
will know of a low fuel situation with enough time to find a landing
place (I have the old larger sump tank).

Dennis Peterson
173FG  N173V  DMO190