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Re: First Flight

Sorry I haven't responded sooner but I'm spending a lot of time at the
airport these days.

To answer some of your questions.

I'm using the down draft plenium system from Velocity on the Lyc IO-360. 
Ramps where installed to split the incoming 
air evenly to each cylinder on each side.

The aircraft flies with the ball in the middle hands off.  'The left wing
flies a little low with about 3/16" down 
aileron required to stop the slight roll. The aileron trim, stock from the
plans, trims this out nicely.
I guess shimming the wings would take this out, but I think I'll enjoy the
plane for a while first.

The Jeff Rose eletronic ignition gave me a little bit of problem.  It
worked great for the first 4hrs then stopped working.
It ended up being the pickup went bad on me.  Replaced it and now its
working fine again.

Cooling numbers with the plane is still good.  Today I was getting cyl head
of 335deg #1 with all the others 361-364deg.
#1 seems to always be 30-40deg. cooler.  Oil temp 200deg in cruise with
210deg on climbout.

The exhaust pipes on cyl 1&3 burned my cowl so I've cut the bottom off of
the cowl where it exits.  They looked perfect for about 
2 hours then the engine sagged about 1/4-3/8".  That little difference did
it to my cowl.  I'd suggest having the pipes at the top of the exit in
construction so when it sags things will fall into place.  I'll rebuild the
cowl exits this fall when I send my Performance Prop
in for fine tuning.

9hours of flying so far with Oshkosh only 1 1/2 weeks away.  I guess I
better get back to the airport.

Scott Keighan