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Re: Cleaning out my files

> > Basically, they said that there is no problem using the oil
> > breather tube as a filler location.  However the crankcase
> > must be ventilated or you risk blowing the front main seal.
> So how about using the breather tube as the filler? Point it up, inside the
> cowling, under the filler door, perhaps? Or would this be a guaranteed dirty
> inside cowling?

Well, you would have to make sure your filler tube is vented.  
You would have a tube coming up to your fill location.  Somewhere
along that tube you would tee off for exhaust.  The tee
should run vertical paralell with the filler tube for a few
inches before turning 180 degrees and exiting the aircraft.

That way you get a filler tube that doesn't drop all of your
fresh oil on the ground.

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