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Re: vortilon attach

David Brown wrote:

> I'm thinking of glassing my vortilons on to the wings prior to painting.

Then they take a big chunk of micro with them when they get broken off.

> I was going to microglass

Then they break off real easy.

> them instead of the book called for silicone.
> Is this not advisable? Are they maybe siliconed on so as to break off before
> doing wing damage?

> With silicon they rarely break off but iff they do no repair just re-silicon.

Put duct tape on the leading edge of the wing were each vortilon goes and 5 min
in place.Be sure and get all three agles correct on each one.  Tape glass them
onto the duct tape.  When cured break off and trim flange to about 3/8 to 1/2"
across base.  Finish out and paint aside from plane.  Install with minimum