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Re: Fixed Prop Search


> My decision right now: A wood prop from Performance.
> I know very little about this subject.  I'm open to any suggestions,
> critiques, other prop makers, etc.

Performance Props are widely used on Velocities. I've never heard anything bad,
but have heard lots of good things about them.

I have a 3-blade Performance Prop for my plane. It is a piece of art. Clark was
very helpful in getting me the exact prop I needed. After you fly for 50 or 100
hours, Clark will fine-tune your prop for even better performance. I should
mention that although I've flown in Velocities with Performance Props, I have
not yet flown mine.

I'd certainly agree that wake slap will be a concern with 2-blade props. In my
view there's no reason to create any more vibration and stress than we have to.
Plus, in pusher configuration we need all the ground clearance we can get. Thus,
the shorter, 3-blade prop seems like the way to go.

That said, I've been considering a 2-blade Felix as a backup. One advantage of
the 2-blade is you can carry it in the cabin if you choose.

Dave Black
SW RG TopDoor (Classic)