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Re: [canard-aviators] O2

>I purchased the Mountain High Electronic o2 system.  It uses a modual 
>regulate the amount of O2 you get dependent on the alt and it pulses 
>delivery when you inhale.  It reduces the use of O2 by a factor of 10. 

I am also interested in the "pulse delivery system" for my project , 
but, I am suspicious of it's function.
(I am an Anesthesiologist and O2 flow systems are part of my specialty)
The way nasal cannulae work is (primarily) not by supplying flow during 
inhalation, it is by supplying flow during exhalation.  During 
inhalation, flow rates at the nose range in the 2-5 liters/sec.  This is 
about 10 times faster than what the cannulae supply.  What the cannullae 
do is fill the oro and naso pharynx with O2 which is drawn in via 
venturi (it doesn't matter if you breathe via nose or mouth).

I would therefore like to see test results (Partial pressures O2 in 
arterial blood or at the trachea) before believing that this system is 
truely effective.

Larry Epstein,MD
173 FGE

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