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RE: Crooked firewall

At 03:33 PM 7/16/98 -0500, Travis wrote:
>"Position the engine so that the center of the prop extension is actually
>3/8" - 1/2" above the center of the cowl outlet.  This is because the rubber
>mounts will sag after a few hours of operation.  Also rotate the pilot's
>side of the engine down a 1/2" or so to help with cowl clearance.  If you
>don't do this, the top of the cylinder will contact the top cowl."
Correct...the rotation helps the top of #1 Lyc. cylinder clear the cowl.
I did put a wee bit of tilt in mine and got good cylinder clearance. 

What happens next is when you go to retrofit to the new forward and down
stainless exhaust you have contact on the bottom of the cowl BELOW the # 1
cylinder. I think that with the standard size fuselage it must be very
difficult to get the Lycoming IO-360 and the stainless forward/down exhaust
in together without a bump somewhere near cyl.#1. 

I also have not found a way to install/remove the lower cowl without
detaching the exhaust on one side first. Has anyone a good technique here?

Dave Brown