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Re: Great Wings!

Travis Young wrote:

> Granted most people buy the pre-fab wings, but marketing hype aside they are
> the same as a customer built wing... Monolithic, straighter, faster,
> stronger, lighter..

I've proven it over and over in the scales and in my 15,000 lb hydraulic
deflection tester.

> . they are all buzz words that I don't buy... you buy
> pre-fab to save the time, end of story.

Not end of story.  It's not just hype. What I'm doing is innovative and
effective. The excess resin gets pushed to the outside of the part were it is
needed.  The leading edge and winglet attachment laminates are all cured at the
same time giving all structures higher laminar strength.  Structural Composites
Inc. here in Melbourne does most of the composite coupon test in the US and they
prove the difference between primary and secondary bonds every day.  I have
documented my science can you prove your statement "hype"? Heavy bumpy wings
carry less weight, less distance, less efficiently and don't handle as well.
Performance increases exponentially as the coefficient of drag decreases.  When
I loaded your plane up I was shocked at how much power I had to maintain on
final to hold altitude, airspeed and control.

Yes, the second time around my hand made wings (made with Uni) were just about
as good in appearance as the molded ones we produce today.

Your friend