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RE: Great Wings!

I too have the "ugly" wings and am very proud of all the work I have
personally put into them.  Although they are plans built, I am confident
they are as strong as I will need them to be and will look very nice either
on a ramp or in the sky.  When I build my two engine Velocity (they'll get
around to making the kit someday, perhaps I will finish mine single engine
one by then) I will again build the wings myself.  Next time it will take
maybe 25% of the labor because I already had a chance to learn the new
skill.  I really do enjoy the building, no matter how long its gonna take

Granted most people buy the pre-fab wings, but marketing hype aside they are
the same as a customer built wing... Monolithic, straighter, faster,
stronger, lighter... they are all buzz words that I don't buy... you buy
pre-fab to save the time, end of story.