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Great Wings!

I worked so hard on my wings and now I feel fo bad that I had word to
work so had for many months on to find out these are ugly wings.
Destroyed in one day , will I be able to take it to the flight line,
others will say "look at those wings, yuk" I am working on it and one
day it will be a great soaring ugly bigbird and I will have to paint it
black so no one will see it!! 
Now I read that Alan's wings will fly straighter and faster (D Black)
poor me,  will I have to push this bird into sky?  and Simon says "he
didn't want those ugly , ugly  wings either". What is a guy to do?   I
think I am OK, Duane said, "its structurally sound"  but they are still
are ugly, ugly!!  Have a great day, and happy building and keep it HIGH.

marion sparrow