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Re: Epoxy - auto fuel compatability

Al, nice piece of work!  Your point about future additives with
"yet-to-be-determined effects" is well taken.  Thanks for the research (and
to Martin Hadley, Alan Shaw, and the "Long drivers" for their years of

Pete Beaty.

At 12:31 PM 7/14/98 -0700, Al Gietzen wrote:
>The chemist at Composite Design Company (who now makes E-Z poxy) said that
>her studies have included both the West system and Jeffco.  She believes the
>E-Z poxy is equivalent or superior to both for chemical compatibility, and
>specifically recommended against using Jeffco; particularly used as a
>coating.  She may be biased, but I concluded; quite knowledgeable.
>My conclusion, FWIW: leave my sump tank as is, and continue with E-Z poxy
>for the main tanks.  Recognize that refiners may recently have, or will,
>start using some additive which has yet-to-be-determined effects, so be