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Re: Great Wings

>To those of you who haven't built or purchased your Velocity Wings, I would
>highly recommend the Dynamic Wings.


I'd like to second your post. Since neither you nor I are associated with
Wing Co I guess this is within the unwritten limits of the reflector. I
have Allan's wings and I made the decision to spend the money for reasons
that are exactly along your line of reasoning. As a first time builder, I
figured the wings are too critical a part to learn on.

When I got my kit almost 3 years ago, Duane suggested I take the builder
course with Allen Shaw which I did. I'm sure what I learned in these 4 days
saved me about as many weeks of building time. I don't know if they still
do that. I hope they do.

Anyway, my impression that Velocity/Wing Co. looked like a winning team
sold me on the Velocity at that time.


Simon Aegerter, Winterthur, Switzerland