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Great Wings

To those of you who haven't built or purchased your Velocity Wings, I would
highly recommend the Dynamic Wings. I have assisted other builders with Long-
eze's or Vari-eze's where the wings took months to complete. Although true and
strong they were usually ugly requiring much.....much.....much more sanding
and filling than any of us wanted to do, therefore delaying the completion of
the planes at times for months/years. I have completed all wing work,
elevators, ailerons, rudders, etc in less than 3 weeks working a couple of
hours per night and on Saturday, they are already primed and beautiful and
nav/comm installed!!  I suggest that Dynamic Wing and Velocity have a good
thing going and hope that all of the builders will support this effort. My
motive here is simple, the better their joint research efforts are the better
products will be in the future. Can you imagine how fast and how effecient our
planes will go then? Thank you guys for a great product. Chris Brock,
Knoxville, TN.