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[Fwd: Rolls]

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Lisa Boesen & Chuck Caldarale wrote:

>  I also know of one that tried it, fell out of the roll inverted, and saw 250
> kts
> ground speed before he pulled out. Minor structural damage.

With a set of my reinforced monolithic173 wings that I really didn't think would
go that fast without folding the winglets inward, over twisting or fluttering
the ailerons and shattering the whole wing.

> So apparently, it can be done in a Velocity, and done safely, but it takes
> some practice, preferably with an experienced instructor.

The Velocity is intended as a family cross country airplane.  If done correctly
rolls can be done in Velocities but I'm not going through the sequence over the
internet because I don't want you going out and trying it.  If you do persist
then first get complete aerobatics training in an aircraft certified and
equipped for such. Then hopefully you will find how much fun it is in an
aircraft design for such activities and respect your Velocity for what it is.  I
used to do aerobatics in my Maule then one day IFR in the middle of the
Caribbean ocean my attitude gyro said "No, you flipped me around too much and
you can't have me now."

The basic problem is that you can NEVER point a Velocity straight down without
going past Vne before pulling out.  So no loops or split S's.  If you try a roll
and don't know how to do it you WILL do a split S.   This maneuver is very
disorientating for someone not well practiced in various aerobatics and could
easily result in your peeling your wings off.    But your family will probably
sue me anyway.....because my wings failed.


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