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Re: Position lights and strobes.

> Thanks all for your responses, It looks like a Whelan 600 system will be going
> on the Velocity.
> Dale,

I just received a set of Aeroflash dual flash nav/strobe/position lights with dual
power supplies part #156-0049 for $405.  This is similar to Whelens $805 system
and better than their $610 and $699 system.  This new product is not with the
other Aeroflash stuff on page 347 of the new AS catalog but give them the part
number and they can have it drop shipped to you.The fabrication of these units is
not as clean on close observation as the Whelen's but a close copy and they should
work fine.  If you are a perfectionist then stick with the Whelens plus they have
be around a long time and have a good reputation.

Repairman's certificate:

Did anybody ever get an application to Mel Ball?   I'm trying to get a copy of
this application from my EAA chapter.  Maybe it is something we can put in the
archives or I on my web page for people to use.  Working on it.

Sorry for so many post, tell your friends to order some wings direct and I won't
have time to bug you guys.

Alan Shaw