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Re: Speed Brake Installation

Eung Tai Kim wrote:

> I think the speed brake should be completely closed when the actuator is
> completely retracted.
> However, in my case, the speed brake is closed when the actuator is
> extended about 1 inch.
> I'm afraid the speed brake burns itself or break the strucrure if I keep
> the switch on  even though the speed brake is closed

Correct, they blow breakers too.   Put a spacer between the speed brake
the end of the cylinder so that it just closes snug at the end of the
cylinders travel.

> Do I have to install the microswitch such that the actuator stops when the
> speed brake is closed?

No, this cylinder is the type that shuts itself off at the end of it's
an-nyong-hi kye-se-yo

Alan Shaw