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RE: Rolls

> From: Al Gietzen [mailto:alventures@email.msn.com]
> Subject: Hand protection
> BTW, the nearly compete lack of response to my question about rolls in a
> Velocity would indicate it is perhaps something we don't talk about.  It's
> not that I'm some kind of cowboy.  I consider myself a rather conservative
> and thorough (safe) pilot; but I do enjoy the freedom of the sky.

I know a couple of people that have done or do roll their Velocitys. I also
know of one that tried it, fell out of the roll inverted, and saw 250 kts
ground speed before he pulled out. Minor structural damage. Have no idea why
he was looking at his GPS instead of the ASI ...

So apparently, it can be done in a Velocity, and done safely, but it takes
some practice, preferably with an experienced instructor.

 - Chuck