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Re: Position lights and strobes.

>A while back some Whelen folks told me that they were going to make those
>Strobe light covers (the thick clear lenses over the flash tubes) available
>in red. I had always wanted to find a small streamlined red beacon for night
>flying/taxiing. If any of you Oshkosh bound folks happen to pass the Whelen
>booth could you ask them about that?


I have just that. I absolutely refused to put one of these ugly "rotating
beacon" things on top of my beautiful bird. Had to talk the president of
wheelen himself into making it for me (with some help from Jim Agnew). Cost
me 90 bucks if I remember right. Worth every penny!

I have the jumper in the power pack that deactivates the wing tip strobes
routed through a switch in the panel. That way when engage the strobe
power, only the red one fires (that switch is aptly labelled "rot.
beacon"); when I need the wing tip strobes, I break the jumper (switch
labelled "strobes on" - when in fact the switch turns the jumper off).
Works like a charm.


Simon Aegerter, Winterthur, Switzerland