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Re: Speed Brake Installation

> I finished installing the speed brake by the manual.
> I think the speed brake should be completely closed when the actuator is
> completely retracted.
> However, in my case, the speed brake is closed when the actuator is
> extended about 1 inch.

I had the same problem, and it's a sticky situation to solve
because there's really no way to measure directly what your
offset will be.

I fabricated a new Aluminum channel that was taller than normal.
I made it out of 1"X2" aluminum tubing I think.  Then I just drilled
a lot of holes in it, figuring that one of the holes would match up 
to the length I needed.  It looks something like this:

|  *   |
|   *  |
|  *   |
|   *  |
|  *   |
|   *  |

You can make it into a triangle shape and lose a little more weight.

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